WordPress plugin

Although it is quite easy to install Voxpow in the standard ways, you can also take advantage of the WordPress module, which gives you extra ease of installation.

You need to find the extension in the WordPress repo, then you need to add your API key and the individual code for each widget.

Once you see the success message - the synchronization works and you should see Voxpov on your website.

Link to the WordPress plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/voxpow/

For the configuration of the plugin, you will need an API key and Voxpow Tracker.

API key

The API key can be found in the User details page. It is long string, which need to be copied and placed into the WordPress plugin in order to make a secure connection to our system.

API Token
API Token


Creating a tracker is a documented process in the other parts of this documentation. What you will need for setting the WordPress plugin work is the code of the tracker, which start with vp-.....

Where to find tracker code
Where to find tracker code

Updated 15 May 2021
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