Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a popular solution for organizing all kinds of Marketing Tools, like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and other kinds of code snippets.

Voxpow Trackers can be installed easily with Tag Manager and that give you the following advantages:

  • ability to enable/disable Voice Trackers on specific pages or sections;
  • easy way to pause a Voice Tracker;
  • single point of control of all your marketing code snippets, organized in a proper way.

Installation process

Go to your container and create a new Tag:

Google Tag Manager create new Tag
Google Tag Manager create new Tag

Give a good name of the tag, for example, "Voxpow Voice Tracker", choose tag type "Custom HTML" and paste the installation code, which you can find from Voxpow dashboard.

Voice Widget Code pasted in GTM
Voice Widget Code pasted in GTM

Choose the triggering with match best for your specific case. You can add it to all pages or choose specific parts of your website, where you want to have speech recognition enabled.

Choose Triggering Options
Choose Triggering Options

After that, you can Submit your changes and Publish them on the live website.

Updated 08 Feb 2021
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