Can I make completely different design of the widgets?

You will probably like our pre-build tracker themes, but you will need a custom design in one moment. You can want to change the microphone icon or perform some other tweaks on the visual widget. That's why we implement the functionality to change the CSS on per tracker basis.

You can find the option on your voice tracker's details page around the "Theme" field:

Implement Custom Design
Implement Custom Design

You can put your styles in the field, but you should keep our CSS skeletons' structure. For example, take a look of styles for Standart Style - Right: https://cdn.voxpow.com/static/themes/basic-right.css

You can copy the content, change what you decide, adapt to your needs, and put it in the CSS field.

Our widget's core building block is "skitt-ui", which comes from "Speech Kit User Interface".

CSS template

If you want to copy an example CSS structure, perform your changes and upload it, maybe the most straightforward possibility is to copy and adapt the following template yo your needs.


Updated 15 May 2021
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